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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Does Classism exist in Trinidad Carnival?

If you turn around in TRIBE and see your Janitor from work enjoying himself in a costume, what will be your first though? If you are at a stush all inclusive and turn around see your housekeeper dancing the night away, what will be your first thought?

Individual classism is a matter of the prejudices held and discrimination practiced by individual people (such as making jokes or stereotypes at the expense of the poor, or treating workers in menial jobs as stupid or unworthy of respect).Structural or institutional classism is a passive form of classism that occurs when institutions or common practices are structured in such a way as to effectively exclude or marginalize people from lower classes.

Well after I went to legacy's band launch and Iwer George came on to the stage and said "this is the black middle class band, so allyuh come out and support them". I was struck by some serious reality. In my opinion classism does exist in Trinidad and hence it lends it powers to Trinidad's carnival however it is a double edged sword.

A Individual classism situation would involve people who avoid other people, places or things because it would associate them with a group of people opposite of the social class which they are comfortable. ".
Do you do this???, be honest to yourself, think deep within. I must admit that at times this is case with myself, I would never step foot in some parties just because in my mind I see them as 'ghetto' and I wouldnot be caught dead saying that I went there. but individual classism is also a double edged sword.You see, I have no issue in openly showing my disdain fetes such as WASA, or brass asI have a problem with these, not only because they represent a class of people that make me uncomfortable, but rather for the fact that these fetes either to huge for me to feel safe or usually characterized by violence.
I also see Institutional classism in several aspects of Trinidad carnival where promoters jack up prices to keep that "premium" on the band and hence keep out the "undesirables". Sizing Discrimination in my opinion can also be seen as a form of classism.
I know this is a Taboo, shh!! topic and some people may not agree with my views but i thought that this was a post worth writting. Do you think that classism exist in trinidad carnival and if so in what form??


Blogger saucydiva said...

Kevian you are asking answers, yes classim exists and it also extends itself to other areas besides Carnival. I know when I was young I used to patronize any and every type of fete; from 12 Tribe, Professionals, Water Colours in Valley Vue, Colours, Arima Velodrome, Pelican and Base on a Saturday, in addition I was a card carrying member of Club Coconuts, I used to party there on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday!!
I guess I was experimenting and well, I was always up for a lime. Being young, no responsibilities, no car to think of…I just went with the flow.

As I have gotten older my tastes have changed and I guess in some respects have gotten more refined. My FIRST priority when going out now is safety. I don’t want to go to a venue and worry about parking my car, or if there will be pickpockets, or if the men in the party will be aggressive, hence the reason I don’t go to WASA fete. It is less about being seen as “ghetto” and more about being unsafe, to me those environments attract all those bad boys, want to be bad boys and petty criminals.

Mas bands also practice classism. By pricing your product so that you know only a certain sector of society can afford it, that is classim. I can also see with TRIBE that it is a two fold problem that they were trying to address; keeping the mob from rushing to register with the band and keeping their loyal customers satisfied. I know I complained last year about the mess at the mas camp and I was very happy they introduced the TLC card. Coupled with the higher prices, the TLC card helped to keep that mad rush that insane demand at bay, as well as it helped to weed out the fickle masqueraders. You know those who signed up with both TRIBE and Island People then waited until last minute to decide and sell their costume. Those people were not going to put out $1800.00 for two down payments, and if they were overseas they had to pay IN FULL to Island People so they had to choose and therefore cement loyalty.

So, in effect what TRIBE did was made sure the ones who are loyal to them remain loyal in spite of the high prices, and if that means that the “class” of masqueraders who remain are their target audience anyways they have achieved their goal twofold. Harts have kept a loyal following of masqueraders for years which has ensured their survival for over 46 years! And if any band is the bourgeoisie band, it’s Harts. By their perception of being the high class band, certain “classes” of people would not even step foot in Harts mas camp, and you know the funny thing is that Harts is one of the cheapest bands and I personally never experienced any prejudice or racism all the years I have played with them. To me the “black” people in Trinidad see the band as a “white” band and stay away, I have gotten over that mental slavery years ago; I live in this country and I will go anywhere I feel like regardless of if others feel that certain classes and races don’t want them there! Hence the reason I used to go Nuts on a “white” night, I wanted to see if Johnny Soong would put me out! But that is a whole other topic.

I for one don’t play with TRIBE because I want to rub shoulders with any “high class” people,to tell the truth the people who play with TRIBE are a very mixed bunch, they give a good product and service and I feel confident knowing that I will get all that they promise for the money I am paying. I played with Poison and never really enjoyed it as much as I did TRIBE and until I can no longer afford to I will play with TRIBE.

2:53 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

Well it's the same view that I have, I basically play with Tribe because of the good service, but I am being honest with myself I also enjoy the exclusive aura of the band and knowing that the band is premium.

In the past I have never played with hearts because I wondered If I would have enjoyed myself. Hearts is also known as the white people band.. and to be honest that affected my desicion negatively.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont hate on the ghetto fetes....not everyone that attends is "from the ghetto". And it is a few fools that fight in these parties that give them a bad name!

I attend cuz these are the parties with "real vibes"....where u can experience very crede and race jumping together....not like those "all inclusives" where people jus stand around and sip their drinks.

Think about it...the same behaviour you exibit on the what goes on in the "ghetto fetes".

The reason they are called "ghetto fetes" is becuz of the is set so that the "poor man" can come out and enjoy himself and not have to break the bank.

Can u honestly say that you can have more fun at an all-inclusive that at Fire?????

Granted safety may be a concern to some...but how things are now, the "THUGS" can afford to go all-inclusives too. So be aware!

Nice topic Kevian....good topic for discussion.

5:11 PM  
Blogger caisoqueen said...

Wow...very thought provoking indeed! YES YES YES classism exists. I've noticed that for every so called "ghetto fete" there's a "stush" fete de same night:

Ghetto fete - Customs
Stush fete - Baccanal Wednesday/Mad Hatters

Ghetto fete - Soca Monarch
Stush fete - Girl Power

Ghetto fete - Insomnia
Stush fete - Dawn/D'vale Bfast fete

Well, nuttin cyah compare wid de stushish fete of all...."Lara Fete".

Well, those are my views.. I could be totally wrong, cuz I am a 4 year old Adult partier/masquerador, and I could talk about the parties i went to.... Lemmeh know if ah wrong or if I right..or if yuh have anymore ghetto/stush party comparisons nuh.

5:28 PM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

Anon I can say that comparing my experience at WASA with Amnesia, Amnesia won hands down!!! I do not go to all-inclusives and stand up posing, I dance, drink and enjoy myself to the fullest!In additon I can go up close to the stage at an all-inclusive and take in the band's performance. I don't think I would brave that at a so called "ghetto fete".

And Insomnia was never a "ghetto fete", I went to the very first one and it was real cool, sweet too bad! I stopped going a few years now, last time I went was when they introduced the V.I.P. section and that is where we were liming (got free tix) which was cool because we went down in the crowd when we felt like and had a nice retreat in V.I.P. when we were tired of the madness. So, tell me, is Insomnia now a "ghetto fete"?

p.s. I don't really agree with the term "ghetto fete" I know alot of people who go Fire and Customs who have been going to those parties for years from all walks of life and last time I saw prices advertised to me all those "ghetto fetes" had a V.I.P. all-inclusive area.

And Kevian, how do you get the idea that TRIBE is premium, what do you compare it to to get that distinction? Is it the prices or what they offer on the road?

5:55 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

Well for one I have been to WASA fete and it was the least enjoyable fete that I have ever been to, been to a couple all-inclusive it was good for the lime, but when i got home I felt like if I didn't get my monies worth. The only thing I like is that u get to dress up and remain looking fresh and clean.

Caiso UWI splash,insomnia and cooler fete are two my favs and they are almost to the middle of the continum between "stush" and "ghetto" if one exist i.e. Some more than others.

I think I prefer to stay to the middle of the continum for the parties. the middle class knows how to party.!!

Saucy, before island people came out last year TRIBE was the most expensive band to play in. so I would say premium in price and treatment. Now however island people's prices and TRIBE's prices are comparable but Tribe offers more for the money.. so i say premium in treatment.. but the same "stush" stigma is attached to TRIBE.

To be honest I am still trying to estblishment my view on the topic at

7:15 PM  
Anonymous sweettrini said...

For sure there is classism, all has been and the way we going, always will be. I felt that very much growing up in Trinidad. I grew up middle class I guess but as a black girl, even among my peers there was classism. Blacks with money seemed acceptable and this is coming from a 12, 13 year old eyes who have no world experience yet. Poor blacks, it was assumed, had little class or exposure to people and places that "matter". Girls was name dropping since I went to Bishop's (see how ah name dropping too?). I even overheard in my form a group of "trini whites" saying that the reason for the separation is that they can't talk to lower class people because they haven't been to or know the people/places they have or have the things they have so what is left to talk about?? Granted this was 15-16 years old but if we grow up with these perceptions ingrained in us, it becomes very hard to break that down as an adult. When yuh see criminals on the news, the thief, the murderer, the rapist, who it usually is but a black man??
I know there are places in Trinidad, I would not go because of what I hear about the place. Or if I'm in a fete or on the road carnival, certain types of fellas I would not deal with/speak to. Not about skin color, mind you, but perceived level of class. I suppose I am perpetuating the classism myself.

Kevian, yuh really making me think gyul. Good topic for your post!!

7:16 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

I agree with u sweet trini is like an ingrown hair,our society has cultivated the problem at hand, so much that we precieve that is not a problem to think the way we do.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

All I saw was classism and I just wanted to see if Karabana left a comment yet, I know she waiting on dis one.

I'll read it properly when I get back from work

11:03 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

Yea I await her comments.

12:44 AM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

sweettrini, when I was in high school I have to admit it was classim was MUCH more obvious! We would not talk to any guys going "junior sec", only guys going to one of the "prestige schools" and growing up as a young, black, "middle class" girl going to a so called prestige school I had no friends that did NOT go to another prestige school! We would look at the girls going to junior sec with the powder on their necks, large ear rings, elborate hairstyles and finely pleated skirts as a different species!

When I left school of course I met and befriended all different types of people and my experiences broadened but I think that foundation, that thinking from school must have left some mark on my psyche and the way I view certain characteritics of our society.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

Classism/ Racism that going hand in hand for me, and to be clear this racism is also including black on black. As Chris Rock said " I love black people, but I hate N*gg@s". Well I like some of them and don't tend to mind the ghettoness as long as there is no setta violence. I've had quite a few bf that I'd not tell my mother about, cause she'd have laid into me. When she has caught me out a couple of times, she laid into me. I went Bishops lived in Diamond Vale. My friends never used to understand it and they never used to want to know really, they'd just stick to what would be 'our own levels of fetes' so to speak - middle-upper stuff I guess. Most times I couldn't careless to differentiate (they is people too right steupse) and then other times i'd HAVE to but more for friends/family other circumstances avoid the ghettoish things.

Me, I used to tend to go wherever back when crime wasn't a prominant issue as it is now. For donkey years everybody was saying brass bad. I took my white tourist bf at the time(now hubby) and went (just us) and we had a good time and even the 'ghetto' people was biggin us up. But in same respect we played in Harts that year. Only because my friend that was playing with us has a preference for wanting to lime with that sort of crowd. YES so basically she wanted to be around white fellas to see if she could pick herself up one. I wasn't feeling that vibe but went along with it anyhow. And why wasn't I feeling the vibe? because of the kind of people that play in HARTS and yes I heard it was a TRinidadian white and those who feel they are etc too posh etc band- and it was brilliant! we had fun on the road and it didn't matter. This being the same yr I had white Bf in tow mind you. its all very contradicting. But as saucy say the band cheap. And the price is still what I pd 5 yrs ago.

Look at:
I went Soca Monarch finals one year I was 17 I think, by MYSELF. I ain't feel no how, that is just how I was. I didn't tell anybody I was going just went (which is just dangerous) but I know between Diego & ST James I might generally know some of the baddies around so i never tended to feel no how. I travelled there and travelled back home cool cool.
But now that I'm older and have other people to study besides myself, and Trinidad making me shame with crime hadda be real real careful.
Went to cooler fete because nobody said it turned the ghetto way, and I had a good time, with 1 or 2 uncomfortable circumstances to be honest but nothing major. I remember finding this guy pissing next to the toilets and I started telling him off in a joking way, and next thing u know we talking cool cool while I waiting on my friend to finish - and he had one the basketball tee, 3/4 pants, bandana, and gold teeth in the front for so. (yuh know the type one time) but it was cool. And I did see quite a few familiar faces and a couple of old teenage bf's as well to stop and talk to. But I won't be going there next yr.
Will prob try and do the Soca Monarch thing if I could but Girl Power might be on that night so what??

And Caiso you find Insomnia ghetto? It have Trini Posse is down there and that is more the posh one because my 'posher' friends would prefer to go that if anything.

So if you haven't figured it out by nw I tend to flicker inbetween just depends what mood I'm in. But seeing as I've grown out of the ghetto liming thing for sometime now ( I don't want my son to think that liming on the side of the rd is a good thing to do), I prob just stick to my own middle-upper fetes 50% more for safety reasons with hubby and the other 50 to be amongst my own.

Sorry it was so long, and I hope it didn't come out too offensively didn't mean it as such. Just being honest.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

I still prob judge people by the school they went to. My friend was discussing some issues she has at her job with some girl and what I look to ask is what school she went to. 25 and still asking the question. It not right but it gives you and idea of the person background straight away.
Like i said its all contradictory! and very hypocritical of me as well

12:01 PM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

but id you know how to avoid the hypocrite let me know...

12:02 PM  
Blogger Karabana said...

I won't repeat what I said over on Saucyd's, bc I made it clear there, no need for repetition.
Of course it exists, noone I believe, has denied it does, & with blatant classist comments like Iwer George saying "this is the black middle class band, so allyuh come out and support them", it's certainly being kept alive.

See not being from T'Dad, I make my observations as an outsider looking in. Having a Trini father & hubby is only a drop in the bucket - to prepare myself for my long overdue visit, I've been checking out Trini blogs, and reading about how bands are run & the differences in fetes (both businesses of Carnival), & as a result, I'm learning about Carninval classism. I hear all the remarks & take note, it's all quite interesting, sometimes disturbing.

One of the first soca songs that got me into it, I still love it, (I'm playing it now) is Real Unity. There's something to the promotion of unity that has a deep affect on me. Without getting into it, I'll just say being united is very important to me. So when I hear about such unconcealed classist comments like Iwer's, I feel disillusioned. I feel sad for T'Dad.

I can't help but remember my first time playing mas in Hamilton. They don't have a judging stage, so it's a more relaxed, free vibe, where you can jump up with other bands. Well, one older Trini woman kept giving us cut eye, but whatever, I thought maybe she's jealous of my gorgeous headpiece. When we get into the park, she approaches us & barks that we should stay with our band, we should not have been with her band! We didn't respond to argue, it's carnival afterall, relax, take a drink... but she insisted on trying to reprimand us for having the audacity to jump with another band. She got in my face yelling, putting down our band, saying in T'Dad, you stick w your band - well, this is l'il ol Hamilton, it's clearly different, take it easy. Giving me hell, getting on my case for having fun at carnival!! What should be a FUN day!!... There was no crime in what we did, there were/are no rules, ooh, how dare we have fun! *roll eyes*
I'm thinking, wow, you are really representing a scary image of what T'Dad Carnival is for some older uptight control freaks, duly noted!
Why fuss & fight?, I smiled at her & said unite the nation, we're all one, which shut her up, & off she goes steupsing away, naturally.

I'm waiting to see how all ah wee is one family.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Hottie Hottie said...

Bwwwwwaaaaaa ha ha! But Kevian, yuh asking answers in truth girl! But Trinis eh like nuttin better than when they feel they "exclusive" and better than somebody else. I does call dem ghetto fete, the same way I does call cinemas 8 de "ghettoplex" and is nuttin to do with race, is to do with people attitude. But I know real so called "upper class people" does go them fete. For me, it's all a matter of where I feel comfortable. I don't feel comfortable at the "ghetto fetes" and I don't feel comfortable at them "stush" fetes - sorry, "pardies", either. People watching you hard hard with they nose screw up when you start to wine but when they best fren gone by the bar they fucking she husband in the back of they car. Ah could call plenty name and tell plenty story about THEM stush people but then I will never get a wuk in T&T again. Trinidad is the land of classism and the joke is, at the end of the day, 3/4 ah we ketching we nennen to pay bills the same way and ALL ah we does hafta wipe we bamcee when we shit.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Hottie Hottie said...

Karabana, she was a kyat. Yuh was right tuh ignore she ass. And not everybody in TT so eh. So doh worry.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Karabana said...

kyat? do I wanna know?
yeah, I know, that's why I said some.
but worry, um, yea, I do, bc between not being able to bring any of my real jewellery to dodging guys pissing anywhere, & trying to figure out which fetes I can wine properly at... I worry! LOL!
I get a kick out of hearing about these ladeefreakinda fetes... you mean to tell me you can't do a real wine at them!???!! Which ones?, bc I hafta tell Cos don't bother to get me tix to them!

2:16 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

I cah wait u not easy!.. going Soca Monoarch at 17!! u must have been a crazzy chic. I still judge people by the school they went to , sad but very true. Even thought at UWi i met cool people who went to junior secs.

Peeps daz exactly what I am saying I think I enjoy being in the middle..yuh want to make eusure yuh could wine with out people looking down at u like a jammette but yet still yuh ent want to in aneviroment where the peeps have powder pack up on dey neck, with gold teeth and jordons.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Mani said...

Hi Kevian, well I'm not a mass player or a feter which I figure makes me a very lonely person here, but I just wanted to say that class is a way of life here in Trinidad. Anyone who has ever left their small town to go to a big school in town knows this firsthand. And so since it's a part of our everyday lives, it's bound to spread its tentacles into the mas, no doubt.

4:32 PM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

karabana you don't worry,those stush fetes is how yuh make it. If you want to enjoy yourself, have a time and wine down low go ahead and do it! Who cares if they stare at you,there will be others enjoying themselves the same way and besides you not from Trini, Ash Wednesday you flying out so free up!

5:42 PM  
Blogger kevian said...

True! Kara u could wear yuh panty and all to the fete because nobody doh know u..hehe

12:52 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

mani boy y u doh fete?

12:54 AM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

Kevian, you made a comment that before IP came out TRIBE was the most expensive band; well I have to disagree because when they left Poison and debuted in 2005 I got my costume for $1795.00 which was on par with sections in Poison.

It's in 2005 the prices went up (same year IP launched as well) I believe I paid $2395.00 for my costume this year and well Fireman is $2935.00 for 2007.I think they have been marketing (and delivering) TRIBE as having a superior all-inclusive from since they were with Poison, that's the only thing to me that makes them "premium". The price is just a cost factor, because there are sections in Trini Revellers,Island People,Pulse 8 and Dream Team that cost the same as my Fireman costume,that does not mean I will be getting a "premium" experience.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Hottie Hottie said...

Karabana, kyat is de Trini way of saying cat. Pronounced this way it's kinda the equivalent of "pussy" if used in comparable circumstances. And anywhere you go make sure you enjoy yourself. You know how it is, a situation always sounds worse than it is when you're removed from it and just reading about it. Is not to say as you land in Trini man standing up with penises in hand peeing against the plane you know! LOL! And allyuh, doh worry about Mani. I have BIG plans for Mani and Carnival feting...

3:45 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

Well I have only been following Tribe's prices since 2005, hence my reason for the comment.There maybe sections in other bands costing around the same thing as the custumes in TRIBE but maybe the price of those custumes could possibly be justified if asked... the whole of TRIBE is jus expensive. It is strange to me that u don't know what I am talking about with TRIBE's aura, because I am sure if Jab Jab was available in another band I wouldn't play even if they promised me the ultimate experience.

3:47 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

I agree with you hottie, when u read or hear about something it sounds even worst than when u are in the real situation. When i went to the Us recently every one there was I hear thing in trinidad real bad yuh like Jammrock.. I was like we talking about the same trinidad.??

3:51 AM  
Blogger Sexelise said...

I agree with saucy in that I feel safer in the "stush" parties. We use to do Insomnia until you have to run in different directions to dodge the bottles or whatever else there were throwing. I did Soca Monarch that year with Machel "Charge Toro Toro" and boy I want ready for that... I never swent back to Insomnia.. I know this is bad to say but in the "stush" parties you smell less stink arms...

kevian.. thanks for leaving my first comment!

5:29 AM  
Blogger Sexelise said...

oh boy my spelling is bad... (I meant to say I wasnt ready for that jamming ) I never went back to Soca Monarch and this year I passed on Insomnia and went to Sunny Side Up!

5:31 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

sexelise..hahahah stink arms!! u ent easy. i agree with saucy on that to, but that's a sad case though.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Bagoogyul said... many things to say Kevian...but i will sum it up by saying Yes classism does exist...and I really doh let it bother me cause as long as nobody doh say nothing to's all good!

6:58 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

bago why u not signing in with yuh blog?

8:17 AM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

sexelise has a good reason there. There is nothing worse than a smell of stink and everybody hand up in the air...ewww
I think I was more rebellious meets stupid = crazy. like I said I grew out of it. no regrets though.
I don't like being a complete snob, again it depends on the mood I'm in.

If I don't go insomnia next yr it'll only be because of the traffic.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Icahwait* said...

Ok with all said and done, we all know there are those issues in Trinidad all year round.

At crunch time Carnival Mon & Carnival Tues is it present then? Do you feel the aura of classism as you put it on those 2 days?
I have to say I never have. Has anyone else? karabana seems to have had a taste which is unfortunate.

8:39 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

Well it doesnot show on carnival monday and tuesday per se but in things surrounding choice of custumes, bands etc.

8:52 AM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

Well Kevian I don't get the "aura" you are talking about honestly speaking; do you mean TRIBE is perceived as being the "best" band and that is why you chose to play with them?

To me the band that is perceived as the "hottest" at the moment is Island People,people are more than willing to give them their money next year even though they did not have a "premium" on road experience for 2006. I think I understand where you are coming from in regards to TRIBE but I just see it as them having the reputation of a very well run all-inclusive experience and a guaranteed good time. I don't feel special saying I am playing with TRIBE and not another band, to me it's more about getting my total all-inclusive experience than just wanting to play with TRIBE because they are "popular".

9:34 AM  
Blogger Karabana said...

LOL HH! I knew it was cat, but had to get an explination, bc was I really hearing what I thought I was?... it's so funny hearing it, cat as an insult! I know Trinis hate cats, I never heard someone being called one before, LOL! (Cats are not seen in the same way in N. America.)

"man standing up with penises in hand peeing against the plane you know!" OMG HH if that happens, I'm turning back around! LOL!

9:48 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

I like the popularity I must admit but the all-inclusive experience does matter to me as well, ah time in poison on carnival tuesday I got a bowl of stale smelling peleau and dies why i . TRIBE here i come!

10:14 AM  
Blogger Karabana said...

I'm learning it's a different experience for Trinis than it is for foreigners, bc for us, it's a vacation. And N. Americans love their all inclusive resorts, you get the best value vacationing that way. So even though we realize it's not possible for us to drink our money's worth, hah hah, we're still opting for an a.i. band. All the other promises are appealing. But the a.i. fetes, well, I highly doubt they are a value for our money, but if it's part of the experience to go to one, as well as some non a.i. ones, sure. See most of the fetes we get here, you wear a tarty top, mini skirt or jeans & sneakers or sandals that can take it, & carry your rag. So the idea of designer dresses, skirts & heels at a fete is like, huh? So no jumping up? & with all that food, you can't anyway. Kinda not really a fete then, true to call them "pardies"... which is a shame if they bring a band you really wanna get on with.

11:41 AM  
Blogger kevian said...

daz true the a.i are pardies not fetes, fetes are the shorts and sneakers etc. What is the definition for a fete anyway.

11:58 AM  
Blogger saucydiva said...

Well someone listed Bacchanal Wednesday as a "stush fete" but I does real enjoy that one as well as Eyes Wide Shut and I am usually up front, jumping up and waving my rag to the band.

I have been known to misbehave at all-inclusives as well, I usually dress nicely but not in "desinger wear" that requires me to stand up all night posing, for example at Amnesia this year I wore bermuda shorts, a nice top and sandals with a small heel (I can wine in anytype of footwear),nice wooden accesories and a matching belt. Who tell yuh I end get on in that get up? When it was time to leave I was walking out the people place with my shoes in my hand, barefeet :D

Karabana I also love my all-inclusive resorts though I can do a regular hotel with breakfast included as well. I just think all-inclusive makes it much easier; you know that you don't have to walk with any money (apart from tours and shopping) and everythng is paid for up front which makes it easier to budget.

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