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I love Carnival!!. Trinidad's carnival! Once a year my senses rejoice at the opportunity to douse my soul with intoxicating soca music, shed my cares and fears, and temporarily transfer my spirit into the mas. (S. Drakes)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wine for Mammy

What are your views on the picture above? If it is one thing I hate to see is a child dancing in a vulgar manner. Alot of children just jump to the soca music on carnival day, but then we have the ones that dance in a manner which reminds me of bedroom activity. At this age I does feel shame to brook out in front meh and some ah dem doing worst dan me.

One of my friends had this cousin who I met as a child, for her birthday party she was all on the floor crawling like a cat, jiggling her little butt and the like. The immediate family was making a big joke out of it and praising her saying “ Sachelle could real wine’’.. or “ Sachelle do the thing where yuh does stick yuh waistline”. I told myself (I was not trying to be pessimist) I just knew that if she continued down that path she would end up in a couple negative situations. Now many years later at age 17 she had her first child for a boy age 17 as well. Young children like to do the things they see their parents doing. Through imitation, children learn many things. Parents know from experience that children will copy what their parents do and say. As a parent, you can help your children develop healthy habits by setting a good example.

Carnival diet update.

For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning you would have been sure to notice that the theme changed over days. I just got bored of only writing about my whole diet thing, so I decided to widen the scoop a little. Well this is an update on what has been going on with my diet. One Tuesday I went to the drug store to get my weight, I stepped on the scale in fear of disappointment. I looked down and I saw 145.6 lbs.. For those of you that don’t know that means that I lost approximately 5.2 lbs I am so glad, my target weight is 137 lbs I wanted to achieve this by Christmas.. do you think I can do it?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Does Classism exist in Trinidad Carnival?

If you turn around in TRIBE and see your Janitor from work enjoying himself in a costume, what will be your first though? If you are at a stush all inclusive and turn around see your housekeeper dancing the night away, what will be your first thought?

Individual classism is a matter of the prejudices held and discrimination practiced by individual people (such as making jokes or stereotypes at the expense of the poor, or treating workers in menial jobs as stupid or unworthy of respect).Structural or institutional classism is a passive form of classism that occurs when institutions or common practices are structured in such a way as to effectively exclude or marginalize people from lower classes.

Well after I went to legacy's band launch and Iwer George came on to the stage and said "this is the black middle class band, so allyuh come out and support them". I was struck by some serious reality. In my opinion classism does exist in Trinidad and hence it lends it powers to Trinidad's carnival however it is a double edged sword.

A Individual classism situation would involve people who avoid other people, places or things because it would associate them with a group of people opposite of the social class which they are comfortable. ".
Do you do this???, be honest to yourself, think deep within. I must admit that at times this is case with myself, I would never step foot in some parties just because in my mind I see them as 'ghetto' and I wouldnot be caught dead saying that I went there. but individual classism is also a double edged sword.You see, I have no issue in openly showing my disdain fetes such as WASA, or brass asI have a problem with these, not only because they represent a class of people that make me uncomfortable, but rather for the fact that these fetes either to huge for me to feel safe or usually characterized by violence.
I also see Institutional classism in several aspects of Trinidad carnival where promoters jack up prices to keep that "premium" on the band and hence keep out the "undesirables". Sizing Discrimination in my opinion can also be seen as a form of classism.
I know this is a Taboo, shh!! topic and some people may not agree with my views but i thought that this was a post worth writting. Do you think that classism exist in trinidad carnival and if so in what form??

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Doh ask meh to wuk for carnival

If yuh boss asked you to wuk on carnival day wah yuh go do?

I will immediately get a bout of Diarrhoea, cold, flu, headache, fever, vomiting, hallucination, red eye, belly ache..

Say ok and never turn up.
Roll of some expletives that = "HELL NO!"
hand in resignation.
Take it unpaid "

If they ever ask me to work they getting a sick leave one time !

Annon9:31 AM
..tell them sure...and just not turn up!!been there....done that!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

For the love of Bum Bum.

The Buttom otherwise known as the bumsie ,bum bum or bam bam is usually in the spotlight during Trinidad’s Carnival celebration.I always ask myself why is a woman’s posterior so important to so many soca artiste or to Trinidadian men in general.??

Soca artiste especially the men have always sung about women’s bottoms, which points to the high premium associated with this particular part of female anatomy.Lots of carnival songs proclaim the love for rotating bumsies and wining on women’s big bottoms and therefore it is seen as a desirable sexual target in fetes.

Most of the female artiste also get up on stage and draw attention to their buttoms and use them as an instrument, giving instructions to shake it, roll it, tremble it and de like.
Let’s brain storm and see exactly how many soca songs we could think of that made mention to a woman’s bumsee.. add to list and also see if you can give me a rationale... for this Buttom affection during carnival and in general. These are the songs I remembered off hand:

Iwer George aka the bum bum master
If you see the shape on the sister

Bottom in the road!

Bum Bum big
Bum Bum small
Me aint fraid dem at all!

Turn Around leh meh wine de bumper!!
Turn Around leh meh wine de bumper!!

The late lord Kitchener- Sugar Bum Bum

You torture me the way you wine
I love to see your fat behind
Sugar Bum Sugar Bum Bum

Denise Belfon’s- Kaka lay lay

Lay Lay yuh Bam Bam,
Lay Lay yuh Bam Bam..

ah cah remember who sung this one
Tiny Winey,Wine yuh Bum Bum
Tiny Winey ,Wine yuh Bum Bum

Russell Cadogan- Sweettrini

Big Bottom Gyal

"I want a big bottom gyal for me to wine up on, I want a big bottom gyal"

Burning Flames-Hottie hottie

Swinging Engine


Pay dem d' "Boodie"

Cock back and Roll- Macheal


Roll it GyalAllison Hinds

r o l l, roll it gyrl, roll it gyrl, r o l l, control it gyrl, control it gyrl...

bubblenut- Macheal

wine that bubblenut for me, shake that bubblenut for me...

Sherwayne Winchester

i Wining in Front

Yes I know yuh bumper could roll

Demonstrate yuh have full control

Since yuh bottom know all dem stunt...

Don't Stop

Waistline is alive

She could be my wifeRoll it now,

show them de motionBrighten my sky with your love and devotion

First gyal, roll that bumper round

Yes gyal to you it all belong..Roll it oh...

Steamroller - Rupee

Shake your bonita,Bonita applebum,

From left to right

Like a pendulumGirl steamroll it,

On the train trackSpin your waistline

And let me see you Steamroll your bumper round and round

Steamroll it when you hear de sound

Maaaake everybody go ..

Tremble it - Precious


"Jack up de back bumper, jack up de back bumper..." Macheal

TTfootball- Candy hoyte

wuk up yuh waistbaby

bend back and go dong low..

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dr.Kevi De Carnival WINE Connoisseur

Well this post might seem inappropriate coming after the last one, but I was on my way home thinking about a new post and then I realized that there is nothing more joyful in the carnival sense of the word than talking about wining. So I decided to categorize wines. Let me know which categories u fit into and if you have any to add.

The somebody please buy she a watch wine.
This wine is better known as dancing off beat. The best way to identify this wine is when yuh looking at the person winning and yuh wondering if they are hearing the same song as you. Is like u listening to Sherwayne's don’t stop and they listening to Mad by Macheal.

The traditional gyration
This involves the person standing in an up right position and gyrating the pelvic area. Popular with Trinidadian women when they are tired on the road on carnival day and this is the mother of all wines.

The dollar Wine
If you are a trini, this wine is self explanatory, (no is not de one where u wine for a dollar).. just think colin lucas and cent..five cent… ten cent.. dollar.

The Chutney Jook
This one can be described as a dollar wine to the side using the hips instead...usually done on and off the beat depending on de individual.... Traditionally seen in East Indian dancers and should be used to dance chutney ONLY.

The side to side wine
This wine involves the movement of the hip from left to right repeatedly, usually popular with the older masqueraders and social dancers.

The Dutty Wine
DISCLAIMER: Could be hazardous to health
This is a fairly new type of wine that originated in Jamaica, this wine involves the rapid rotation of the neck and posterior simultaneously..This dance has been yet to rear it's head in Trinidad's carnival but it is expected to be seen for carnival 2007.

Wuking up
This wine came from Barbados, similar to the traditional gyration but in a more stiff necked rapid way.

The cock back n roll
This wine involves the dancer going into a position similar to that done while squatting.( no it is not good for firming your butt muscles) . This wine bears a resemblance to the goutie-look-back or doggy style position. Most females also look back while doing this dance it is unexplainable phenomena.

The jump and wine
This wine is similar to that of the cock back and roll but in a less bent position, another difference between the two wines is that this one is done in mid air. This wine is a good way to burn calories.

The belly wine
This dance is fairly new on the Trinidad wine market and involves the movement of the stomach area in an erotic manner, The people doing this one look like those belly dancers jus minus the coins and de outfit unless u playing in Ip's Arbians.

The professional wine
Whatever you do don’t do this unless you have been properly trained or executed it several times in front yuh mirror. This can be described as a combination of the all the wines discussed above in addition to several aerobic and gymnastic moves :splits, head stands, hands stands and the list goes on. This category leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where exactly do we draw the line as women?

There has been many concerns expressed about the increasing vulgarity in Trinidad’s Carnival .Women venturing out to party and play mas in the skimpiest of clothing are a common sight during the recent Carnival celebrations. The music and dances are considered to be sexually explicit. The question is where do we draw the line as women?.

This is where I draw de line. For me I always keep in the back of my mind that life continues after Monday and Tuesday.
  • I never allow any guy to touch me while dancing, don’t hold my waist or even touch my stomach.
  • I always walk around with a tag with my name on it. ( jus kidding).
  • Don’t lift me up unless I know you and I know you very well.. and I approve.
  • I don’t whine on my girlfriends, we hug and jump like crazy… but we don’t whine on each other..That’s a No No.
  • Don't offer me to get me a drink at the bar.. is ok, no really is ok.
  • I don’t like men to sandwich me, yuck!!!
  • When ever I am getting to intoxicated I stop drinking alco for a while , then start again when i think I could handle it.

Where do you draw the line?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Terrible, Terrible..Dream

Well last night I had this terrible dream, I dreamt I decided to switch bands to play with island people mas...oasis to be exact. On carnival Monday I still didn’t receive my costume. I received a text carnival Sunday morning stating that we should come down to the mas camp at 8 clock carnival Monday morning to pick up the costume. U could imagine that? Picking up your costume on carnival Monday.???? No time for adjustments? No time for several trial runs??. Ah tell yuh ah almost cry in meh sleep.

Is not like if I hitting island people for six, but because of all the rumors surrounding IP in my subconscious .. this dream occurred. I am sorry

Friday, November 10, 2006

Carnival childhood memories

This post was Inspired but Hottie's post on giving your children memories, these are my carnival memories as a child growing up.

  • Playing ole mas in school, Well my surname is Ragbir and I remember one year.. everyone was portraying their surnames… and that year I had to play a vagrant in

  • I remember taking part in the school’s calypso competition.. remember the song that went tick, tock, tick, tock..slow, slow!??. Well I performed that song with a group of back up singers… everyone doing the dance.

  • I remember the year that I won the calypso competition….with a song that I “composed”. remember that song whoa donkey, whoa donkey, whoa donkey..well I converted it into hop frog, hop froggy , hop froggy.. I put my froggy in ah bottle and if it stay for the day… is hop hop hop hop hop , meh froggy hop till he nearly drop..

  • I remember going down tunapuna to watch mas on carnival Tuesday and making friends with the snow cone man who continued to replenish my ice with syrup every time it ran low… when I got home, I vomited like crazy.

  • I remember cornrowing my hair every carnival together with colourfull plastic beads and foil paper at the

  • I remember being afraid of blue devils.. running and screaming when I saw them.

  • I remember wanting to be a traditional indian masquerader.

  • I remember going into town on carnival Monday one year…and I was wondering….this is what mas is like??, these people are so rude (be minded that I am one of them.. now). I jus felt dirty looking at them.

  • I remember buying a hood and acidwash jeans to wear to carnival.

  • I remember when I was around 13 years old, there use to be this last lap jam session in front of royal castle in there I whine on my frist

Baby sitting uncle Johnnie

I have seen some funny shit on carnival day but this pic take de cake.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who chupid idea it was for Carnival to come after Christmas??

Christmas is a very important time in Trinidad &Tobago. It is the fusion of the end of year excitement while ushering the imminent carnival season. When I look at it in retrospect, I wondered exactly who chupid idea it was to put carnival after Christmas. I know Christmas is about the birth of Christ and therefore I shouldn’t even be writing this post but I just think that these two festivals should be held far apart.

Here are some of the reasons why I think carnival should be held before Christmas

The high calorie Pastelle, Ponche de crème, Ham, fruitcake, black cake, wine, sweet bread, sorrel, ginger beer and the works assosicated with xmas just makes you gain more weight .

Trying to not eat traditional Christmas foods takes some serious will power.( yuh have to watch them and cry)

Yuh trying to Sing Yvonne, Anita, Noel and Jump wave all in the same breath.

The fact that yuh hardly get time to go to the gym because yuh busy shopping up a storm or cleaning up yuh house.

The fact that yuh does spend out most of yuh money trying to do all kinda thing during the Christmas season. (paint de house, change de carpet, tile the floor.)

Yuh does be invited to all these Christmas wing-dings all over the place that loaded with food and drinks.

Yuh fussing with both yuh carnival itinerary and christmas itinerary at the same time.

After going through both Christmas and carnival yuh bank book and credit card does have a negative balance.

Which band yuh supporting?

Irregardless of if people listen to pan at panorama or not most people have bands who they support..I am an exodus pan player so I am biased, I am also a phase2 and despers fan. In general exodus is one of the more organized bands that I have ever played in. I always loved Boogsie Sharpe so you will find me tending towards phase2. I used to like despers more until they got rid of clive bradly who had to prove himself for them to take him back to them by arranging for Nutones who won panorama that year, (that chune was sweet .. one of the best panorama composition that I ever played).

Leh meh hear yuh opinion on the steelbands

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How yuh know when yuh ketching de carnival fever?

This is how I know I ketching de fever!!

  • Yuh willing to pay anything close to $3000.00 for a costume for two days.
  • When yuh contemplating selling corn soup to pay off fuh yuh costume ( a real life story).
  • When yuh working out and all yuh thinking about is how yuh go look in yuh costume.
  • When every time yuh pass ah shoe store yuh looking for a new pair of shoes to match yuh costume.
  • When u walking or driving through port of Spain and u having flashes of bussing a sweet whine in town.
  • During Christmas all yuh studying to do is collect gift money to pay off for your costume. (yuh know I funny…doh stress yuhself.. jus send me a card with the money.. is ok doh feel bad)
  • When yuh planning everything around carnival….( I will do my surgery in march instead of feburary Dr..thanks even though yuh bawling in pain)
  • When yuh put on yuh old costumes ever so often.
  • When yuh put on yuh costume more than ten times between the time u receive it and carnival day.
  • When anytime someone ask u how much more days to carnival yuh know the amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • When you are a walking fete calendar ( well Friday de tenth is brass , the 11th is WASA and de following Wednesday custom boys)
  • When u writing an entire blog dedicated to carnival.
  • When all yuh like to do is exercise to soca.
  • When yuh visiting carnival websites all day instead of doing the people wuk.
  • Yuh cah wait for Christmas to pass …
  • When yuh know every costume by name.
  • When everybody yuh meet, :yuh asking them yuh playing mas? Wah band? Wah section?
  • When yuh done start to shop for coordinating outfits for all yuh fetes.
  • When yuh luggage done pack and yuh ticket done book.
  • When yuh have yuh costume as yuh desktop real often.

    How do you know you ketching de fever!! leh meh hear

Monday, November 06, 2006

Carnival gender double standards

A double standard, according to the World Book Dictionary, is a standard applied more leniently to one group than to another. In other words when a situation is desireable for one group but deplorable for another. On carnival Monday and Tuesday a lot of Gender double standard exist.

1 a) A group of females see a male walking through the band. They think he is attractive, and make comments about his butt, abbs, or crotch. They also jump on him and give him a sexual whine or even touch his chest -ACCEPTABLE

1 b) A group of males see a female walking through the band. They think she is attractive, and make comments about her butt, abs, or breasts.. They jump on her and decided to give her a hard whine or even touch a body part- LABLED AS PIGS WHO ARE ACTING INAPPROPRIATE, TREATING THE GIRL LIKE AN OBJECT.- Unacceptable

2 a)If a girl walks through the band in a t-shirt over her costume- UNACCEPTABLE ( she must be crazy!!, carnival is about women showing off there body .. why is she hiding it up?)

2 b)If a guy even though he has his costume decides to wear a t-shirt instead because of his big pot belly –ACCEPTABLE

3 a)If a girl with a big belly with stretch marks pass by a group of guys they turn their noses up and look the other way because girls are suppose to have a Flawless body- ACCEPTABLE

3b)If a guy pass by a bunch of girl with a big pot belly they still turn there noses and decide to act like if he does exist. UN ACCEPTABLE because they pumpus... they feel they better than everybody!

4a)If a man has sex with a woman on carnival day who he meet on carnival day is considered a "stud" or "player" (which are often considered compliments). ACCEPTABLE

4b)If a woman has sex with a man on carnival day who she meet on carnival day considered a “badthing” or “slack”. UNACCEPTABLE

5a)If a woman becomes drunk on carnival day it is seen disgusting, embarrassing and slutty- UNACCEPTABLE because she got her makeup smeared all over her face and is falling over and can't walk properly .

5b)If a man becomes drunk on carnival day ACCEPTABLE -While drunk men are merely amusing or "a joke",

6a and b)Mostly women are seen In Media photos wheather it be papers or websites, if men are featured they are hardly featured alone…most time they with a big male crew, with females, a celebrity or something special about them.

7a)If a woman doesn’t wear makeup on carnival day hercustume if not complete-ACCEPTABLE

7b)If man decides to wear make up with his costume, he is most likely gay- UNACCEPTABLE.

8a)Girls could whine on girls ACCEPTABLE

9b)Guys could whine on guys UNACCEPTABLE

Let me play devil's advocate - plenty of these double standards have legitimate reasons behind them. Let me hear your comments.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Diet and Workout News Flash

Well Ihave been excerising just as hard as before, I am still keeping on track. Even though last night at zen I had two brown cows… and a corn soup from st James. I don’t know what that lady puts in her corn soup ( across the road from Smokey and Bunty's)… but whatever it is.. it hook meh!!. People are already telling me that they are seeing results reflecting on my body… I still don’t feel it though. I am weighing every two weeks, my next due date is next Wednesday. I will give you all and update on my weight loss or gain… who knows.

Friday, November 03, 2006

BINGO!!....I think

Tell me what you guys think about this pair of sneakers that I found at Raymond’s on high street San Fernando. I love them to match with my costume ( actually I already bought give me your reviews please. I posted more close up pictures of the costume so that u guys can see the colours better.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Skipping to the songs of Macheal and Xtatik

Last afternoon I missed the gym because I had to go car hunting, when I got home I felt guilty so I decided to pull out my skipping rope and slap on a macheal play list on my media player. I skipped to the beat of Macheal in the hall way outside my bedroom. When I was done after a half hour I was drenched with sweat, I felt so accomplished.
This was what my play list looked like:

1.Madder than that ( I had this like three time within the playlist- I jus love it!)
2.Tay Lay lay
3.Toro Toro
7.Band of the year
8.We not giving up (cool down)

Try it you might like it!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Panorama is about Pan or Party?

Being a pan player for more than a decade of my life, there is one thing that I never understood was the relationship between the crowd at the North stands and the actually steel pan playing on the stage. Having been a panorama participant since I was 13 years old I have only been up to the North stand during a panorama semifinals once in my life. This happened because I was doing examinations and my parents denied me panorama that year.

After sitting in the stand for a short while it was abundantly clear that the majority of the people in the North stand during the competition have little or zero interest in the musical event happening on stage. I had my time dodging people who were just their for lime.. because I was really trying to hear the bands.

The panorama competition becomes nothing but a back drop to the party/picnic/ Drink up that happens on the day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with large crowds of people coming together to enjoy themselves.. but why not appreciate your national instrument at the same time?

This is also raises the question to if the north stand’s behavior is a reflection of the Trinidad and Tobago in general. Trinidad is the birth place of the most unique instrument created in the twentieth century and people seem not to appriceate it.

The 2006 proceeding included the house Dj threatening the North stand to stop their music making activities so that the competition could continue and the judges would make a justified decision.

While I am typing this post I am wondering exactly what is going to happen to the competition next year seeing that the demolition of the queen’s park savannah stage is now on the books…. Will no one attend??