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Friday, October 13, 2006

Wednesday 10th October- Weakness for Sweetness

Rasin bran and skimmed milk
One power mint

One piece of coffee cake
Sorrel softdrink

Corn soup

1 pot spoon of chicken soup
five plums
1 diet soft drink

Physical activity
1 hour and 30 mins aerobics

Comments: Well today was a depressing day as regards to my weight loss regime, I went to officially take my weight and BMI. My weight is 150.4 lbs (this is the largest I have ever been since) and my BMI is 25.6 which outside of the ideal weight range by point 6 (.6). My ideal weight stated by the BMI machine is 137 lbs for my height, so the road is going to be long and rough. Well I guess that confirms that I need to stay on this program for a while and stop having all those high fat foods.

My intake today wasn’t bad at all I wasn’t going to have any of the cake bought for the meeting but we all know about me and my affinity for sweet that needs to be curbed. I am really ashamed of my weight and I need to do something about my horrible eating habits. As soon as I am off this soft food diet I am going to go heavy on the vegetables.
Physical activity today wasn’t too bad


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