Carnival for tea,breakfast and dinner

All I do is think about Carnival !!! Join me on the road to carnival 2k7

Location: Arima, Trinidad & Tobago

I love Carnival!!. Trinidad's carnival! Once a year my senses rejoice at the opportunity to douse my soul with intoxicating soca music, shed my cares and fears, and temporarily transfer my spirit into the mas. (S. Drakes)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday 5th October-MOO MOO!!!

Two slices of bread with corned beef
Cocoa with skimmed milk and no sugar
1 apple

Two slices of bread with corned beef
1 diet fruita

10 green plum with salt and pepper
1 pc of stewed chicken

Physical Activity

1 hour and 45 mins of aerobics

Comments: Not too bad of a day for food intake, besides the fact that I ate corned beef twice for the day but that was all that was available (didn’t make our monthly groceries). Corned beef is high in fat. The physical activity was a little on the better side today.

PS: I am proud of the fruits.


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