Carnival for tea,breakfast and dinner

All I do is think about Carnival !!! Join me on the road to carnival 2k7

Location: Arima, Trinidad & Tobago

I love Carnival!!. Trinidad's carnival! Once a year my senses rejoice at the opportunity to douse my soul with intoxicating soca music, shed my cares and fears, and temporarily transfer my spirit into the mas. (S. Drakes)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thursday 19th October- Thank you Mala - *sigh

Two dumplins and one piece of stewed chicken with no additional fat. ( left overs)

One orange

One tuna ( in water )with tomatoes and

2 cubes of barfi

One packet of roasted peanuts

Physical activity
One hour and half aerobics

Comments: Great day I am proud of everything except the barfi- ( thank u mala), Well i gave away all the other divali sweets, but me and barfi we have a special thing going. A great work out today.


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