Carnival for tea,breakfast and dinner

All I do is think about Carnival !!! Join me on the road to carnival 2k7

Location: Arima, Trinidad & Tobago

I love Carnival!!. Trinidad's carnival! Once a year my senses rejoice at the opportunity to douse my soul with intoxicating soca music, shed my cares and fears, and temporarily transfer my spirit into the mas. (S. Drakes)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday 12th October- Happy Chinese Holiday people!!!

One hot dog with onion
Milo with evaporated skimmed milk

Two slices of pineapple chow
12 green plums with pepper and salt

One Richard’s bake and shark
Three quarter bottle of Apple jay- 108 kcals per bottle

One toffee
1 diet soft drink

Physical activity

1 hour spin
20 mins weight training

Comments: Well it is a holiday in Trini so yuh know what we trini’s do best when it is a holiday, head to the beach for a lime!!!. Well I went to the gym first and did one hour of spin and 20 mins weight training. Then I got home had a shower and headed to the beach. As soon as I got to the beach I had a bake and shark, I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it. Fry bake and Fry shark!!!!, frying is a cooking method no, no when trying to lose weight. But after driving all the way to maracas I had to have that $18 dollar AND I repeat $18 dollar bake and shark. I found that the price was ridiculous but that’s another post. Today wasn’t such a bad day from both the food intake and physical activity sides of things. I should have had water instead of that Apple Jay it was a waste of kcals and it tasted bad plus we have the toffee poping back into the diet once more.


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