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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Saturday 7th October-Shopping or Aerobics?

Bake and cheese with pepper

2 cups microwave popcorn (heavily buttered)

Raisin bran and skimmed milk

1pk Club social and jam
1 toffee
1 diet soft drink
Toothache solution

: I am a little ashamed of the donut but say what I had no choice but to get something fast to eat because I wanted to take my pain killer for my horrible toothache.
I think I am really over doing it with the raisin bran and skimmed milk now don’t u think …lol. The popcorn had no purpose. I just ate for eating it sake. I found that there wasn’t enough protein in my diet on an overall. Now the toffee is a case by itself.

If u look closely u will realize that the physical activity is completely null and void!!!, I went shopping for most of the day trying to accessorize my outfit for my god daughter’s christening tomorrow. I had planned to have gone to the gym on Saturday morning but that never happened. I guess i choose to go shopping which one would u have choosen?


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