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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday 16th October- The questionable Chicken

1 1/2 pot spoon of rice chicken and pigeon peas (the bad thing about this blog is that everyone know when u have left overs)

1/2 packet of parasad

1 cup “ chicken” vegetable Chinese soup (no added fat)
One orange Orchard Drink

1/2 packet of parasad

One cup of skimmed milk and milo no added sugar
Four Whole wheat crix

One packet of oval tine biscuits- like 11:30 pm in the night

Physical activity
2 hours of aerobics

Comments: Well as we are approaching the religious holiday divali, my neighbor decided to hold a prayers by her home and she sent across some parasad and traditional east Indian food ( bussup shot and de works). I didn’t have the food (i resisted the roti urge), I just had the parasad-my weakness for sweetness over powered me once more!!!. I am not having any more parasad for the season.

For lunch I decided to buy a low calorie Chicken vegetable soup from a Chinese restaurant in sando. Now when I began eating the soup I realized that the “ chicken” was tough and it contained large gobules of hard fat, like beef-- from what I know these are not the characteristics of chicken. If chicken is boiled it is usually tender. After the rumours I heard: I am now wondering if it was really chicken (I actually only ate half because the thought of eating someone’s pet came across my mind). The one good thing is that I had vegetables today for the 1st time in a while, in that same questionable soup.

My physical activity was good today, Lawrence is the best instructor!!!!

I was sleep eating when I had that packet of ovaltine biscuits (I am not kidding)……………………


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