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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The mechanism behind weight loss

Ideally, food intakes cover energy need without too much excess. Excess energy is stored as fat. The amount of body fat a person deposits in , or withdraws from its fat saving on any given day depends on the energy balance for that day- the amount consumed ( energy in ) versus the amount expended (energy out). When a person is maintaining weight energy in equals energy out.

Most people maintain a steady balance over time. On any given day, they may eat a little more or a little less than usual and their weight may go up or down a pound or two , but for the most part they stay in balance. Therefore the most effective way to lose weight should be to have a less energy input than energy out put so that your : fat saving can be used to fuel the body with the extra kcals that it needs.

A pound of body fat stores about 3500 kcals. It stand to reason that a person who eats and excess of 3500 kcal that their required amount will gain 3500 or vice versa. This is not always the case, most of the excess kcals will be stored as fat but a little will be used to maintain the heavier body.

A reasonable rate of weight loss for overweight people is ½ to 1 pound per week. Such gradual loss is more likely to stay off rather than rapid weight losses. If food is severely restricted, dieters lose lean tissue and that is the last thing that we masqueraders want, we need toned skin for our short tops, seksi shorts and thongs. So what we trinis need to do is start our diet and exercise early and try to incorporate it into our daily lives.


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